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Product: inkjet PVC printing sheets(white)
Specification: 210x297x0.3mm
Unit: piece
Retailed price:
Wholesale price:
Supply price:
Dimension: 45*32*21cm(32*23*10cm)
Cubage: 0.0302m3(0.007m3)
Weight: 25Kg(5.8Kg)
 Description of products :

inkjet pvc printing sheet

Digital inkjet pvc printing sheets series include common digital inkjet pvc printing sheet ,water resistant inkjet pvc printing sheet and transparent inkjet pvc printing sheet ,surface of the sheet is printable with colour inkjet printers,meantimc it can be screen printed and offset printed ,when laminated ,strong bonding strength is created between sheets digital sheet surface and coated film as well as between sheets ,as a breakthrough of individualized card making and short run card production ,this new technology simplified the process and lowers down the cost .
Using method
Inkjet print on the matt surface of the sheet
Common digital inkjet pvc printing sheets :
Simpler production process ,no plate making or traditional printing process required .
Clear image ,vivid color
Low investment ,low cost solution for indvidualited cards, and short run cards making .
Excellent durability
Wide range of utilizations ,applicable for indvidualited cards ,and short run cards making
Environment friendly ,no solvent or gas discharged
Water resistant inkjet pvc printing sheets :
Finished cards can keep their quality in water for more than 20 hours .It ensures long life of the cards
High bonding strength provided after laminated with coated overlay.
Image’s smearing and distortion problem in high humidity resolved .
Transparent inkjet  pvc printing sheets:
It can combine traditional printing and individualized printing . working efficiency enhanced and cost cut down
Main technical parameters
Size: according to customers ‘requirements
Thickness: 0.3mm 0.2mm 0.15mm
Transparent inkjet pvc printing sheet: 0.24mm
Laminating temperature
100-140 ℃
Working condition
Environmental humidity lower than 60%
Laminate after drying of the ink
Sealed , moisture proof ,under 40
Outer packing: carton
Inner packing: sealed plastic bag
Shelf life
Common digital inkjet pvc printing sheet : eighteen months
Water resistant inkjet pvc printing sheet :six months
Transparent inkjet pvc printing sheet : twelve months
Keep away from water and moisture
Keep away from direct sunlight
Keep horizontally
Keep airproofed, no opening before usage.
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